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Online training helps you to learn in a non-stressful environment. An Online training course combines the advantages of self-paced training and uniformity in training. Online training probably does not need any additional equipment at your location. Online training is delivered through existing computers and an internet connection and also run through any internet browser on any operating system Online training with us is recommended for many reasons.

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Get Trained from 25+ Years of Experienced team All graduating students from various streams who attend RADEONTECH Academy will receive 100% placement in the software sector. Send an email to for additional information.
For graduates from various passed out years, we are using the following distinct structures:

  1. Software industry internship recruitment
  2. Hiring based on training in technological fields like data science, web development, AI, blockchain technology, and other technical disciplines
  3. HRM and analytics-specific training and placement models for MBA candidates.
  4. Distance learning from many accredited Indian colleges. Our offices are in Bangalore, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, and Eluru. Contact us at